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Post Pandemic Travel Tips

As much as we want to, the year 2020 will not soon be forgotten. But with the one of the most extraordinary years behind us, many are looking forward to traveling and exploring this great world of ours once again.

The pandemic has changed our lives forever and in doing so has also changed how travel plans will play out for years to come. Before you book your next vacation, make sure you add the following 7 steps to your travel checklist.  

Avoid Crowds – Some of the most popular destinations may be worth avoiding until the pandemic is further in our rearview mirror. Not only are contagions more likely to be passed between one another in a crowded space, but higher capacity locales are also more likely to be closed or temporarily shut down if there is a local coronavirus outbreak.

Ask an Expert – If you are a do-it-yourself travel planner, you may want to contact a travel expert for your next trip. Travel advisors can keep you informed of changes in travel guidelines, the openness of tourist destinations, and alternative options should your original plans fall through.

Travel Insurance – Before the pandemic, travel both domestically and internationally was relatively routine. However, at a moment’s notice, your flight, cruise, or destination accommodations could shut down. Travel insurance can protect your hard-earned dollars from sudden change in travel restrictions.

Bring a Hygiene Kit – Every destination will have different requirements for providing visitors with personal protection and cleaning standards. Don’t leave your health to chance and bring your own hygiene kit with masks, disinfectants, and sanitizer.

Check Travel Advisories – Immediately after booking your trip, sign up for travel advisory notices with your airlines, accommodation, and destinations you plan on visiting including restaurants, public spaces, and attractions. 

Look for (really good) Deals – Any company serving tourists is desperate for your business. Look for deep discounts for everything from airfare to dining, attractions to accommodations. You will save money while also supporting businesses in need.

Confirm Cancellation/Change Policies – Before booking any part of your travel plans, check the change and cancellation policies. While many companies, such as the airlines, have loosened their rules, others have tightened up considerably. Knowing you have flexibility in your plans will help reduce the stress of navigating any changes.

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