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David Montesino's Story


Helping My Parents

 My journey in the insurance industry started many years ago when I was forced to choose between the confusing Medicare Advantage plans for my parents. 


 After reviewing a variety of plans benefits and Medicare regulations I was left exhausted and extremely confused as to which direction to go...and that was after meeting with a number of different agents! I imagined the feelings other seniors must have experienced going through this ordeal! 


 Then the light bulb went off and realized what I did for my parents...I could do for others experiencing the same difficulties. So back in 2004 I got my insurance license and started on my mission to help those seniors through this difficult & stressful process.


 So now I try to be a resource for all baby boomers and seniors as to all the issues one has to face as they age into retirement. There are different issues such as healthcare, long term care and family protection that must be addressed and planned ahead of time. 


The communication style I used is as simplistic and "to the point" as I can be. Typically due to governmental regulations and insurance regulations,  solutions that are  presented can be obscured and convoluted to say the least. I try my best never to leave someone's presence until I'm sure they understand the issues that were discussed.


 Hopefully we will get the chance to interact and learn about each other as we try to work towards the goal of providing the health and protection that you deserve! I hope to hear from you soon! 


 Be Blessed!