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Are You Confused About Choosing the Right Medicare Plan?

Confused About Medicare Plans?

Yeah, We Get It.

Here's the deal: Medicare doesn't have to be some bureaucratic nightmare.

Forget about slogging through those 50-page pamphlets or listening to "hold music" for hours.

You've got better stuff to do.

Top 5 Frustrations With Medicare? Consider Them Solved

 image Confusing Jargon: Seriously, who talks like that? We break down the gibberish so you actually "get it".


 image Too Many Choices: Spoiled for options? Nah, you're just confused. We'll show you the one that's right up your alley.


 image Random Costs: The ol' bait-and-switch, am I right? With us, you’ll know the price tag—no nasty surprises.


imageDoctor and Meds Compatibility: Love your doctor? Want to keep your meds? You got it. 


image  Time Suck: Research is a drag. Kick back and let us do the heavy lifting





Here's the Play-by-Play 

1. Listen
First, we sit down (virtually or for real) and chat. What do you need? What are you worried about?


2. Review
Next, we're doing some digging. Doctors, meds, you name it.



3. Recommend
Finally, the big reveal. Here’s the Medicare plan that’s got your name on it.


Why Us? Seriously, Why?

• We talk to you, not at you.
• No cookie-cutter BS.
• Just plans that fit like a glove.
• You’ll know what you’re paying for.
•  No hidden “gotchas". 


Don’t Take My Word For It

Hear from customers like you.


"My knowledge of Medicare was not that good but you helped me understand it...your help was the best, thank you!"

Alden Faulkner, Hollywood, FL

"I have always attended medical and financial seminars and have read up on the particulars...until David Montesino explained my options...Fantastic! Everything was explained clearly, and even came to my home!"

Susan Mussoline, Lighthouse Point, FL

"I had read many of the pamphlets from different insurance companies and the government brochures/booklets...David was very helpful in narrowing down my decision on which company."

Javid Kelly, Hollywood, FL

"I had a basic knowledge... It was a great experience, you were very patient and informative! "

Joey Scorza, Dania Beach, FL

"My knowledge of Medicare was not so good...your information is very comprehensive."

Antonio Rivas, Miami, FL

Had Enough of Medicare Headaches?

Click below and let’s set up a time to talk. Trust me, this will be painless.


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That's it.

No beating around the bush.

This is where we turn the complicated world of Medicare into something as simple as a chat between friends.

Because that's exactly what it should be.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click that button.