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Adapt Your Home for Safe Mobility

As you age, your needs change dramatically. These changes can affect everything from the frequency with which you drive, to the interior design of your home. The focus of your life changes with age, and your surroundings often need to change to keep pace.

There is nothing to worry about if you need to update your home to help with the changes that you are experiencing. Being able to live comfortably is an essential part of aging gracefully.

If you have realized that it’s time to make some adjustments to your living arrangements and update your home so you can age safely, read on to learn more!

Remove Dangerous Flooring Surfaces

This can be a big factor for safety. Getting rid of any flooring that provides a trip hazard, or that is prone to being slippery is very important to prevent falls. Harder flooring choices are just not as cozy as carpeting anyhow, and exchanging your hardwood floors for carpeting can make your home warmer and cozier.

Invest in a Shower Bench

A shower bench can be a big help to your bathing plans as you start to age. Showers are slippery, and it can be hard to reach for items without sliding on the bottom of the shower. You can eliminate all of these risks by adding a comfortable shower bench or chair to your bathing area.

Make Stairs Less Slippery

Let’s face it, stairs get the best of all of us sometimes! Hardwood stairs can be slippery for anyone to navigate, no matter your age. If you want to make sure that your stairs are safe, add non-slip tread to each step, or you can choose to have carpeting put over your hardwood stairs.

You can make stairs even safer by adding or upgrading hand railings to hold up to daily use. It is necessary to be able to trust your railings if you are going to need to support yourself on them as your go up and down the stairs.

Add Some Automation

Home automation can be a really fun way to make your home safe as you age. Being able to track and change the temperature in your home through your cell phone, or being able to request that your devices play music without having to get up can be a big help. You can also program smart lights which will turn on and off at the touch of a remote control or a button on a phone app.

Aging Gracefully is Easy With a Few Updates To Your Home

Being willing to adjust to the changing times in your life is easy if you are willing to make some simple upgrades to your home. Being comfortable in your house is very important, and these adjustments can make sure that you never feel unsafe or uncomfortable in your home.

Making your home safe for the aging process is all about making things easier, and this list of suggestions will make your home enjoyable and safe for years to come!

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