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Insure What? Celebrity Body Parts Insured

Insurance is a financial instrument to protect valuable assets. For most people, this means purchasing policies to cover such assets such as a home or vehicle. But for the athletes, entertainers, and musicians, their most important asset is themselves!

Check out the valuations these ten celebrities placed on their most valuable asset…

David Beckham – During his time as a professional soccer player, David insured his legs for an astounding $140 million in the event an injury ended his career.

Mariah Carey – The ability to tour and promote talent is a musician’s greatest asset. Mariah insured not only her voice for $35 million, but also her legs for another $35 million in case an injury prevented her from performing.  

Daniel Craig – James Bond may seem invisible, but the actor behind the British spy isn’t. To protect his earning potential from the lucrative movie series, Daniel insured his entire body for starring in the film “Quantum of Solace” back in 2008.

Jamie Lee Curtis – A successful actress in her own right, you may think Jamie Lee purchased insurance before performing in such great files as “Halloween” and “True Lies.” But it was L’Eggs pantyhose that bought a $1 million policy on her legs to protect their beloved spokesperson.

America Ferrera – With a snow-white smile, “Ugly Betty” start America Ferrera landed a spokesperson spot with Aquafresh White Trays. To protect their investment, GlaxoSmithKline insured her smile for a cool $10 million.

Tom Jones – Proving that anything can be insured, Tom made sure that if anyone of his millions of fans happen to pluck off some of his chest hair, his $6.9 million insurance policy would recoup any financial losses if his sex appeal were diminished.

Heidi Klum – During her thirteen-year run as the host of “Project Runway”, the production company insured Heidi’s legs for $2 million. Due to a scar, her left leg was valued slightly more than her right.

Julia Roberts – Since her breakout role in “Pretty Woman”, actress Julia Roberts will forever be known for her pearly whites. So much so, Lancome insured her teeth for $30 million while she represented the fragrance brand.

Keith Richards – This Rolling Stones legend knew how valuable his hands were and purchased a $1.6 million policy. There is debate, however, whether both hands were insured or just the middle finger on his left hand (for chord playing of course).

Bruce Springsteen – The New Jersey legend’s gravely voice was insured for $6m back in the 1980’s during the height of his fame as the voice of American rock n’ roll. Have a key physical “asset” worth millions? Call us and we can help come up with a plan to insure it.

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