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Exercises for a Sedentary Lifestyle

As technology marches on, the need for us humans to be physically active diminishes more and more every day. Most individuals no longer received enough physical activity during their daily routines. Instead, we find ourselves sitting behind computer screens, televisions, and (someday) self-driving cars for much of the day.

The increased health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are reaching frighteningly high levels. In fact, the World Health Organization issued a warning that a sedentary lifestyle may become a top ten leading cause of death and disability in the world!

Fortunately, getting your body back in motion and moving again toward a healthy lifestyle is easy. Here are four easy exercises you can begin doing today to improve your physical health:

Planking – Years of sitting in place can reduce your core strength. Planking involves holding yourself self in a horizontal position using your toes and forearms as support. Your first attempt should only be a few seconds. As you gain strength over time, extend your time in the plank position.

Stretching – A body in motion helps to build strength and improve endurance. However, inserting a stretching routine can keep muscles loose and relaxed. Begin with light neck rolls and move onto arm and hip circles. For good measure, toe-touches and high-reach stretches can complete a stretching routine and make you feel refreshed.

Swimming – Spending time in the water is a low-impact way to get your body moving. Water helps suspend the body and takes the weight off your joints including the hips and knees. Easy laps across the pool and even treading water for short periods of time help get the blood flow moving.

Walking – The simple movement of walking helps improve blood circulation and keeps joints lubricated. If you sit a desk most of the day, try to take a break every hour for a 5-minute stroll around the office. The goal is to get at least 30 minutes of strong walking in every day.

While scheduling time to exercise has its benefits, do not forget to look for ways to inject more exercise to your daily lifestyle. Simple changes, such as parking further away from the grocery store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are easy ways to get your body in motion. Best of all, you can begin right now!

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