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6 Strange Insurance Policies You Can Buy

Practically anything is insurable – for a price. But whether an insurance company is willing to go through the hassle of drawing up an insurance contract for a one-off risk is another story. Shockingly, we found six exposures where there is enough interest from consumers that insurers have indeed designed products. Which one is your favorite?

Bed Bug Insurance – We aren’t talking about insuring the bugs themselves, but rather the cost to have them exterminated from their home. Considering such expenses are excluded under your renters or homeowners policy, bed bug insurance can pick up the tab and also pay if you pick up peculiar pests while travelers.

Body Part Insurance – From athletes to entertainers, body part insurance is big business. If you are blessed with an angel’s voice like Celine Dion, a tongue like Gene Simmons, or locks of hair like Troy Polamalu, you would want to insure them your body parts too.

Lottery Pool Insurance – If you go, I go! Office lottery pools have become all the rage as prize money can reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Your company can protect itself from an entire department from calling quits if they happen to draw the winning numbers during the next Power Ball lottery.

Multiple Birth Insurance – Perhaps the Octomom has struck financial fear in soon to be mothers. If you are planning on having just one bundle of joy, but are concerned about monetary mountain to climb if you have to have twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more, there an insurance policy out there to help pick up the additional costs. 

Alien Abduction Insurance – Worried about being taken aboard a UFO? If so, an alien abduction insurance policy might be perfect for you. More than 30,000 of such policies have been sold. Surprisingly, even though proof must be provided, the insurance company selling the policies has stated they have paid out at least two claims.

Fantasy Football Insurance – The fantasy football industry has grown into a multi-billion business. Fueling its popularity are sports fans dumping thousands of dollars into the chance to become league champion. But what if one of their star players suffers an injury and cannot play? Fantasy football insurance can reimburse your wagers if your team is stung by the injury bug.

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