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Living Outside Your Comfort Zone in Retirement

For many people, retirement is a time to relax and take it easy. But for others, it’s an opportunity to start living outside their comfort zone. There are so many things to do and see in the world, and retirement is the perfect time to explore. Here are just a few ideas on how to broaden your horizons.

Try a New Hobby

Now that you don’t have any work commitments, you have the time to experience everything retirement offers. This is also a great time to try new things. Today you have the chance to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do by learning a new hobby or skill. There are no limits to what you can try. Have you always admired people who know how to dance, sail, or paint? Go right ahead. You can be one of them!

Travel with a Purpose

For many retirees, working careers included an annual vacation. A typical holiday probably lasted a week or two, usually in a location tailored to relieve the stresses of life. So doing anything beyond sipping a fruity cocktail, hitting the links, or just relaxing by the pool may have been inconceivable. But now you have the chance to travel with a purpose that may involve humanitarian trips, visiting your ancestral origins, or immersing yourself deep within a new, exotic culture.

Seek Out Thrills

Much of our lifestyle conforms to the norm. This often means limited risk-taking and following the safest path. While we are not advocating doing anything inherently dangerous, now is the time to try something truly thrilling. Sky and scuba diving are popular choices among retirees. But how about a flight in a fighter jet, zip-lining across a ravine, or going bear-watching in Alaska? There are endless opportunities to find a thrill!

You now have the opportunity to do whatever you want. It’s okay to fear this new territory. After all, you’ve worked for so long, and now you have all this newfound time! You might feel uncomfortable stepping into your dancing shoes or strapping in for an adventure, and that’s totally fine.

You’ll learn, grow, and experience immense possibilities when you throw yourself into uncomfortable situations. And most importantly, live!

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